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Diary of a Pout Cosmetics client

 Hannah walkers very own experience 

"Hi, my name is Hannah walker and I've recently had my lips enhanced by Pout Cosmetics and wanted to share my experience to help anyone else who is thinking of having this kind of treatment for the first time , and as I was very nervous before hand having something like this to read I personally would of found very beneficial. 

 'Why did I choose pout' and my initial consultation...

For quite sometime now I have wanted to enhance my lip profile, as I felt my top lip in particular was really thin. I've been a client over the years at Loves hair and beauty and have always been very happy with the treatments I've had. So when I noticed on social media that Pout cosmetics was now part of Loves I didn't hesitate to book a consultation at a place I already regarded as offering high standards of treatments. 

On the day of my consultation I was so excited but very nervous, but Louise the owner soon had me at ease. I was taken to an exclusive room dedicated only to this kind of treatment and with it's clinical yet cosy feel, I felt very at ease. The room was spotless.

Louise then went on to ask me how long I had wanted to have my lips done, and my reasons for wanting the treatment. A thorough medical questionaire was completed and I was asked questions like do I take antihistamine's, have I ever had an allergic reaction to dental blocks or ever suffered an anaphylaxis (an acute allergic reaction). Afterwards she was satisfied that this treatment would be suitable for me, we discussed what type of look I wanted and we both decided a fuller, yet natural look would be ideal. I wanted to have the treatment there and then but Louise says she prefers all new clients who haven't had lip fillers before to have a cooling off period, to make sure each client is 100% certain they want to go ahead with the treatment. I was booked in for the following wedsnesday.

 The day itself...

After almost a week to think about it I woke up knowing that I 100% wanted to go ahead with my lip enhancement treatment. I arrived at the salon and was taken to the same lovely room and all my consultation sheets that I had signed where checked. I was asked if anything had changed from last week and I answered no. I was on a prescription medicine and Louise had double checked with one of the medical bodies that she is backed by within being a member of the ACPB (association of cosmetic practitioners in Britain) and I was advised that my medication wouldn't affect the treatment being carried out, only that being on any type of medication can increase the chances of bruising and bleeding. But I had no social plans for the next 7 days, and family, friends and work colleagues where prepared for me to look a little bruised at work . 

After I had signed the anaesthetic disclaimer form, the appropriate numbing cream was applied to my lip area and a special thin and comfortable (if not a little weird feeling) piece of cling film like plaster was placed over my lips. I was laid on the cosmetic chair and was actually feeling very comfortable and relaxed. 25 minutes later the plastic plaster was taken off my lips and a second alcohol wipe was used to take all the numbing cream off. My lips felt very bizzare, not at all painful or uncomfortable, just like they didn't belong to me when I was talking. Louise then opened the lip filler and showed me the sterile needle and she then put a batch number on my notes and said the product that was used to fill my lips is always available for me to ask for and its actual batch number, which again gave me great reassurance. 

So now I was feeling nervous and I don't know what I was expecting, but Louise then said "so that's the first injection done" and I was asked if it felt okay. I was a little embarrassed as I hadn't felt a thing and I'd got a little worked up before it. Another few injections were done, Louise really took her time and was massaging the filler in my lips. Then when I had some volume injections I did feel these a bit more, but it was all bearable. After one injection Louise held down with a ice pack, as this side was bleeding a little bit, but it stopped after about 30 seconds and I was reassured this was normal. 

Then after about 1 houtr from start to finish I was given the mirror.......

I was SO happy with what I saw! I instantly  fell in love with my lips, there was no actual bruising but they did feel swollen and sore. But I just loved them! 

Louise then asked If I was okay felt okay to get off the cosmetic chair and that I didn't feel dizzy or anything. I felt fine. I was given aftercare and told to avoid touching the area, to avoid hot drinks for the first 24 hours and not to wear any old lip glosses. I was also advised that swelling can be expected and is totally normal but I could ring if I had any queries. I was also given a post procedure kit with balms in it which was complimentary.



All in all, my own experience of lip filler was a safe, relatively pain free experience and I can't wait to have further treatment to get to my to the final look that I want to achieve. I can highly recommend Pout Cosmetics and even my work colleagues, family and friends loved my new look and they were expecting bruised swollen lips which I did not have! 

So from a very happy Hannah I want to say a massive Thankyou to Pout Cosmetics for making me a more confident, poutier version of me!"