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3D LIPO review from one of our clients

"So this has been quite difficult to write, as a DJ i always have to come across as the life of the party, full of confidence and always super happy. But that's so far from the truth, in real life I had zero confidence, I'm actually quite a shy person and have such a negative body image that I found it difficult to be myself.

I wouldn't say I've ever been fat but I used to be amazingly fit and didn't have an ounce of fat on me, I excelled at so many different sports as a young man and have on several occasions been all the way to English championships for running and played rugby to a very high level, because of injuries, lifestyle and the job I do I can't train anymore so gained weight, I had quite a large round belly and it was something that really affected me.

Then an amazing thing happened... My friend told me about 3D LIPO Med, obviously at first I was dubious as so many of these kinds of treatments lighten your wallet rather than anything else but I gave it a go and after one treatment the difference was incredible! I actually shed a tear when I looked in the mirror!! I'm currently half way through my 8 sessions and honestly I feel amazing! It's given me the confidence I've been lacking for years, because I saw an immediate difference it helped me to look at my diet and cut out certain things that are bad for you.

I've never been happier in myself, I never thought it could work so well so fast. If you have any doubts then don't, this isn't some temporary quick fix, it's something that works, works fast and works well and continues to work! I cannot get across in words how fantastic this experience has been and am more than happy to talk to anyone with any questions so please feel free to get in touch!!!

Loves is incredible value compared to other places that have similar treatments and the staff are fantastic, they really know their stuff and are so friendly and welcoming. You are seriously about the make the best decision of your life :)"